Amazing melasma treatment results!

We are incredibly excited to share this wonderful success from our latest melasma treatment.

“What is melasma?” I hear you ask. Melasma is a skin pigmentation – usually showing up in patches on the sufferer’s face which can effect all skin types. Although those with darker skin or who live in hotter countries can be more prone to it, anyone can have a sudden onset of melasma in their life.

It isn’t an allergy, it isn’t a virus or infection and it isn’t any form of skin cancer. What causes it is still not 100% confirmed, but certainly changing hormone levels (such as during or after pregnancy, or even from taking certain medication) can bring it on. Even perfumes and cosmetics have been linked to some cases. High stress is another contributing factor and some cases can be hereditary, being passed down from earlier generations.

We treat melasma like we do any other skin pigmentation, which includes age spots and sun damage to the skin. Your individual skin type will determine the correct course of treatments for you and during our free consultation we will determine every step of the procedure to your complete satisfaction.

Just take a look at our most recent melasma treatment success after just a few treatments! These photos are from just one of the many happy clients we have treated.

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