Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – Lapelle Skin Clinic London


Also known as IPL – Intense Pulsed Light – this is becoming an increasingly popular way to treat unwanted skin conditions as well as excess hair.

Some of the common methods of hair removal include: shaving, waxing, epilators (which pluck the hair from the root) and depilatory creams (which disintegrate the hair on the surface).

But the problem with all of these methods are the constant upkeep. Hair is designed to grow and for some this can be a serious problem.

Waxing and epilators and depilatory creams (which can burn) are painful methods of hair removal.

Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and coarser, and even for multiple hairs to grow from the same root. That’s not to mention ingrown hair – ouch! When the hair can’t pierce the surface of the skin you end up with painful bumps where the hair grows underneath the skin. And to top it all off, shaving sensitive areas such as the bikini area can cause uncomfortable and itchy regrowth.


So what does IPL do that saves you from all this?

Intense Pulsed Light targets a bright wavelength of light straight into the lower layers of skin, reaching the hair roots themselves. These kill the hair at the root, initially causing a much slower regrowth. With a course of treatments, the hair stops growing back all together!

Plus, there’s no pain or itching to deal with!

IPL was initially recommended only for fairer skin with darker hair, but our IPL machines are the latest and greatest technology. This means that any skin and hair type can receive treatments. Hurrah!

We offer discounts for courses of treatments and recommend you come and visit us for a patch test. Call us now on 020 3389 9653 or book a free consultation through our website to find out more!