Blackheads Treatment in London

What are blackheads?

Blackheads are a specific kind of dark acne. Blackheads occur when the face produces too much sebum (the oil that keeps skin moist and supple), which then block the hair follicles and pores. Because the follicles are open to the air, unlike ‘whiteheads’ which are closed clogged pores, they are able to accumulate dirt as well as dead skin cells, causing them to look black in colour.

Anyone can suffer from blackheads but they are often associated with overactive sebum production most common in teenagers and adolescents.

How we treat blackheads

At La Pelle Clinic in London we offer many treatments that are effective in treating acne and blackheads, and as blackheads are a form of acne we will provide you with a free consultation to determine which treatment would suit you best. We may combine treatments for the most effective result including a deep cleanse facial with extraction, microdermabrasion and Regima A which are all used in an acne and blackheads treatment.