Blackheads? Dull skin? Impurities?

We talk microdermabrasion – a Celeb favourite!

There are many clients who need special treatment. Skin problems such as acne and rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles and thread veins are all things that we can handle. But sometimes one’s face just needs a bit of a ‘spring clean’. So what do we recommend for this?

That feeling where you know you might have a few blackheads, impurities or a dead skin build up can be handled with an extremely effective treatment called Microdermabrasion!

This fantastic service requires no down time. You can carry on with your day after being treated feeling refreshed and clean.

A favourite amongst celebrities for giving the skin a bit of a ‘pep’, and a great idea to try if you need more than a regular facial! Microdermabrasion removes the upper layer of dead skin and allows any skin products you might be using to actually take hold and have effect.

Miraculous, right?

So often we apply creams, moisturisers and acne-handling products to our faces. But the dead skin particles and dirt that cover our bodies don’t go away with a simple wash. This includes the stuff under our make up that we try and remove at the end of the day. So often it stays right where it is unless the skin is properly exfoliated!

That’s why microdermabrasion, with which we use a cold LED light to stimulate the cells, is a great solution to getting those products to finally work.

So why not book your free consultation and see for yourself what it’s all about?