Crow’s Feet condition

What are crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet, also known as ‘laugh lines’ or ‘character lines’ are the common name for wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. Although they are usually the sign of a well-lived and happy life as they occur from smiling, they are also one of the first visibles sign of ageing.

How we treat crow’s feet

The most popular treatment for wrinkles, including crow’s feet, is the Caci facial. Your personal consultant may also advise dermal fillers or botox as this may be the best treatment for you.

How does the Caci Facial/Microcurrent treatment work ?

The Caci facial has become a very popular ‘surgery free’ option for rejuvenating facial muscle tone and restoring the face’s youthful appearance. The treatment uses two small probes which send out an electromagnetic pulse, replicating the natural electrical flow of the body. By targeting specific muscle groups these pulses make the face and neck tauter and encourage muscle elasticity.

This microcurrent treatment can also be used to treat other areas of the body to improve muscle tautness. You may require several courses when treating crow’s feet in this way but it is the most naturally effective method available.

What are botox and dermal fillers

Botox and dermal fillers are injections that have been used for a number of years to rid the face of signs of ageing. They can often be confused but there are differences.
Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a natural and purified protein that causes the facial muscles to relax. It has been extensively tested and is very popular as there are no side effects or down time between treatments.
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) naturally occurs in our skin when we are born, but as time passes our store of HA diminishes, meaning that the skin is less able to heal itself and maintain its flexibility. Dermal fillers insert HA back into the skin using a variety of products. The results can last over a year and can be seen immediately after treatment.
As with all treatments using a needle injection, after either botox or dermal filler treatment one may experience some light bruising from the needle insertion which is easily covered by make up. No scarring is left from these treatments.

How do dermal fillers/botox work?

Dermal fillers and botox injections consist of a soft tissue injection into the area of the skin affected by wrinkles. We use several advanced fillers including Juvéderm and Restylane. A course of treatments will plump out the skin leaving it smoother, softer and less lined.

Here at the La Pelle Clinic in London we have years of experience in treating unwanted skin conditions including wrinkles and crow’s feet. Book a free consultation today and see how we can find the best treatment for you!