Dark spots / Dark patches condition

What are dark spots?

Dark Spots are an abnormal colouring of the skin, whether it be age spots or sun spots (UV damage). Older women and pregnant women can suffer from dark spots called ‘melasma’, whereas sun spots can occur in anyone subjected to sunlight. The body produces more pigment when the skin is exposed to sun rays which can have an effect even earlier on in life.

How do we treat dark spots?

Spots and pigmentation are successfully treated using IPL (intense pulsed light) as well as an excellent range of medically approved products for topical use. Your consultant will aim to provide you with the best products to treat your skin.

Just as IPL targets the darker hair follicles in light skin, it also targets the darker areas below the upper dermal layer (in the same way that light is absorbed by dark clothing, the intense light is able to make darker spots lighter in colour). Over a course of treatments you will find pigmentation greatly reduced and, depending on the course of treatments you undertake, it can be completely eradicated through IPL.

Melasma cannot be treated with IPL but it is very successfully treated with our advanced Power Peel which has been proven to be the most effective treatment on Melasma. The Power Peel balances melanin production and nourishes and accelerates cell renewal.

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