Forehead Lines condition

What are forehead lines?

Often called ‘frown lines’ but also occurring in those who smile often, these signs of ageing occur on the forehead and can make one look older due to their appearance.

How do we treat forehead lines?

We offer a range of treatments for forehead lines and wrinkles. A consultation with our specialist will help to determine the best treatment for your condition which may include the Caci facial and dermal fillers/botox.

How does the Caci Facial/Microcurrent treatment work?

The Caci facial has become a very popular ‘surgery free’ option for rejuvenating facial muscle tone and restoring the face’s youthful appearance. The treatment uses two small probes which send out an electromagnetic pulse, replicating the natural electrical flow of the body. By targeting specific muscle groups these pulses make the face and neck tauter and encourage muscle elasticity. This microcurrent treatment can also be used to treat other areas of the body to improve muscle tautness.

How dermal fillers and botox work?

Dermal fillers and botox injections consist of a soft tissue injection into the area of the skin affected by wrinkles. We use several advanced fillers including Restylane/Perlane or Juvaderm depending on requirements.
A course of treatments is sometimes required but normally just one application is enough to plump out the skin leaving it smoother, softer and less lined.

Book your free consultation at Le Pelle Clinic London – one of our specialists will be happy to recommend the best treatment for you.