Why hydration is important for your skin

Hydration is key to skin health

Hydration is key to skin health

We often hear that hydration is important for our bodies and skin. But why is that?

At least 60% of our bodies are made up of water. That’s a more than half! When the body is dehydrated not only can it cause internal problems, but actually the first sign of problems inside the body is on the skin.

Your built-in body monitor

The skin is like our own built-in body monitor. If it looks unhealthy, what’s going on inside is probably not all that great either! This is why people who heavily drink, smoke or eat the wrong kinds of food tend to have skin that does not naturally look bright and clean.

A lot of research has been done into the causes of acne and rosacea and some cases are attributed to diet.

Skin conditions

Over time and with age the glands of the body lose their ability to retain water. That is why pigmentation and rosacea can become present at any age, and sun damage can have a lasting effect. The body doesn’t have enough water to keep those all important cells hydrated and pigments rise to surface, skin becomes more sensitive and the cells are unable to repair and replace themselves.

Wrinkles and stretch marks

These things that seem to accumulate with age, wrinkles, stretch marks (and even, indirectly, cellulite), are all attributed to the cells in the body having less fluids. Early ageing is caused by lack of hydration, and when the cells do not have enough water  the skin loses its elasticity – a very important factor for keeping yourself looking young!

What goes inside, shows on the outside

So, if you drink a lot of water you will certainly help to replenish the cells with what they need to keep doing their jobs – great! But there’s also the factor of making sure that the outside of the body is hydrated.

A good moisturising regime for face and body, along with monitoring your water intake, and increasing it when you need to (such as in hot weather and after exercise), will help massively.

We also offer a specialist Hydration Facial which targets dehydrated skin and makes those moisturisers and creams far more effective than without treatment.

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