How do we make sure that your treatment results last?

Long lasting treatments?

There are a lot of treatments available on the market which are considered quick fixes. They don’t have a permanent or lasting effect and although they make a little bit of difference at first, soon your skin goes back to its original state.

Think about the face mask you bought and tried once. Your skin might have had a quick ‘perk up’ but it most likely went back to feeling how it was maybe days or even hours later.

The same with skin creams. We sometimes buy them in the hope that they’ll have a long-term effect but even when we apply them religiously they don’t do what it says on the tin.

This can be whether you are suffering from acne, fine lines, melasma, rosacea or even stretch marks and cellulite.

Any skin condition can be treated lightly or deeply.

We offer a course of treatments to make sure that you are, first of all, receiving deep skin treatment. You will certainly see a result after one treatment, but after a course of treatments we can eradicate many skin conditions for good.

Then there’s the amazing products we use to back up our treatments.

Whether you have scars, pigmentation, acne or any of the above listed problems, we use an amazing range of products to support your treatments.

Lastly, we offer nutritional support so that if there’s a chance your problem is diet related we can help to target that aspect of it as well.

So why not book a free consultation and see what we can do for you? We have a decade and a half of experience in treating skin – there’s nothing to lose!