Read our latest success! Rosacea & melasma treatment

Read our latest success from a course of treatments received here at La Pelle Skin Clinic!

This lovely client found us right when she needed us. After her free consultation she received her treatment and look at the results just two weeks afterwards!

Here is her success story:

I am so happy I found Le Pelle Skin Clinic!
From the first time I sent an email to get more information, Josi has been nothing but helpful, professional and very friendly.
I had a consultation in which I was recommended which treatment I should have. Everything was explained to me in a very professional, and yet very relaxing and friendly manner (for someone who has very bad skin damage like me that was a big plus and I felt very comfortable).
I have already had my first treatment – I suffer from Rosacea and at the same time Melasma. After the treatment, as expected some dark spots from the melasma came out. I had been prepared for this by Josi. But after four days all of the black spots magically disappeared! And that was after only one treatment!
It has been almost two weeks now and I can see that the Rosacea is disappearing too.
I definitely recommend that if you have any skin problems you should go to Josi’s clinic. She truly cares about her patients and will do anything to help you and make you feel young again 🙂 – M.K.

So what are these skin problems that we are handling?

Rosacea is a skin disease caused by a number of factors. It is surprisingly common but little understood. Unfortunately for most, the longer it goes unspotted and untreated the worse it becomes, particularly in later life where it can develop into a nasty skin condition. You can read all about what it is, what causes it and how it is treated on the special ‘rosacea’ page on our website.

Melasma is another skin complaint which can be seen as dark spots and patches on the skin. It is often brought about by hormone changes but can have other causes. If you’d like to learn more about melasma we have a section of our website dedicated to its treatment.

We love helping people bring back their natural beauty – it’s what we’re here for! We do a variety of treatments on all skin types, so don’t delay – give us a call or fill out our online form to book your free consultation!