Staying Safe in the Sun

What sun damage can do to your skin

We all love a good bit of sunshine – especially here in the UK and London where the clinic is based. Whether it is basking in the shade or heading to the nearest park or beach for a bit of colour, the sun is a wonderful thing to have around – and for more than one day too!

I think the South of England has been particularly lucky this year. I only had to wear my winter coat once in June (and it’s normally at least for a week at this time of year).

But what does the sun do to the skin? I often have people come to me with a few sun damage complaints, which include:

  • Sun spots (dark pigmentation)
  • Early signs of ageing
  • Permanent skin damage from over exposure

Why is this?

Well, the sun not only emits Vitamin D – which we absolutely need – but along with it comes harmful radioactive UV (ultra violet) rays. These are what cause the pigments under the skin to darken which give us that lovely golden tan (for those lucky enough to tan and not immediately go beetroot red!).

But UV rays cause the skin to age prematurely, can leave dark spots on the face and body called sun spots and can even cause skin cancer.

Here at La Pelle Skin Clinic we have over 15 years of experience in dealing with sun damage, including sun spots and wrinkles caused by sun exposure. So there’s no need to panic if you haven’t been applying the sun screen – book a free consultation with us and we will direct you to the best tailor-made course of treatments for your condition.

And enjoy the sunshine, but make sure you always protect your skin! 🙂