Sun damage condition

What is sun damage?

When the body is exposed to UV (ultra violet) light from the sun it produces a pigment called melanin – a darker pigment that protects the body from further radiation damage. The healthy tan that one associates with sun exposure is in fact the body’s attempt to protect itself from radiation damage.

Prolonged exposure to sun can cause it to look older – one type of UV light (called UVA) enters the lower layers of the skin damaging the collagen and elasticity, whilst another type (UVB) stimulates the cells in the outer layer of skin, causing an overactivity of skin production on the body. Wrinkles are just one symptom of sun damage.

Sun spots (melanin that remains on the skins outer layers) are another symptom of sun damage.

How do we treat sun damage?

Spots and sun damage are successfully treated using IPL (intense pulsed light) as well as an excellent range of medically approved products for topical use. Your consultant will aim to provide you with the best products to treat your skin.

Just as IPL targets the darker hair follicles in light skin, it also targets the darker areas below the upper dermal layer (in the same way that light is absorbed by dark clothing, the intense light is able to make darker spots lighter in colour). Over a course of treatments you will find pigmentation greatly reduced and, depending on the course of treatments you undertake, it can be completely eradicated through IPL.

For wrinkles and signs of ageing due to sun damage we recommend the Caci Facial.