What top treatments do celebrities use?

We’re often asked how the A-listers get prepped for a night on the red carpet. How do so many celebrities manage to defy age? Why do they never seem to have any spots, blemishes or skin problems?

Here are some of the most popular treatments chosen by celebrities that you can receive right here at La Pelle!

Laser Treatment

The beauty of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is that it can be used at different levels of intensity. It can be used to eradicate redness or dark spots as well as also stimulating collagen production in the skin to give the face and neck a ‘tighter’ look. All without the need for surgery!

So if you’ve got trouble spots, rosacea or any other skin imperfections this is one way to go about tackling these issues for good rather than just covering them up with make up.


Facials are very popular with celebrities. We offer a range of facials dedicated to tackling various skin problems including dehydration and ageing. No need to wait for down time either – facials require no down time and can be done on your lunch break! So often celebrities prep themselves for a night out with a specific facial to keep them looking fresh all evening. You can too!


Yes, it has a long name, but what it does can be nothing short of miraculous. Microdermabrasion gets rid of dead skin and impurities and means that any products you use afterwards will really work, as they will correctly penetrate the skin. That expensive cream you just bought will be so much more effective when it is used after microdermabrasion.

CACI Anti-ageing treatment

This is by far our favourite. CACI stimulates the muscles so that they tighten themselves, and is one of our most popular treatments thanks to its long-lasting effects. CACI targets muscles that otherwise sag and with time would become completely loose. It can tackle everything from jowls to saggy eyes, wrinkles in the neck and forehead as well as smile and frown lines.

This one really does it all!

Depending on your skin type we will give you a free consultation to determine whether a course of treatments or a combination of these will work best for your skin to get you the very best results.

Why not give yourself a celebrity treat and book your appointment today? We’re ready to help you get the best out of your skin!